Can I order online?

As of now, we only offer our custom designs and ideas through our website.  As we continue with these exciting bunkies, new features will be added to the site with the possibilities of direct online ordering.

Where do you ship your Bunkies?

We currently ship our bunkies within a 6-hour driving radius from our local building facilities in BROCKVILLE, ON. All our custom bunkies are designed and built in Brockville. By using this radius, we can come directly to your home or cottage to complete the built and make sure you have all the final touches to make your custom Bunkie is finished and ready to enjoy.

What sizes of Bunkies do you offer?

We currently offer 4 different models ranging in two different sizes.  Our Frontier and Voyageur models are 9×12, while our Expedition and Mountaineer are larger at 9×16.

Will you do a custom build?

Absolutely.  Almost every Bunkie we design is custom.  While the bones and structure of the units can look similar, each Bunkie offers our clients many custom options on both the interior and exterior to be sure no Bunkie looks the same.  If you look a Bunkie from one of our collections, then we can build that. If you want something totally custom to fit your property or your existing residence then we offer (and promote) that idea as well.

Will I need a building permit?

Our smaller 9×12 sizes fall just under the maximum size allowed without a building permit.  The larger units (9×16), will require a permit in many cases. All bunkies should be check with local building authorities for property setback and regulations.  Each municipality may have different guidelines.

Do you offer Financing?

We sure do.  We like to keep it simple and easy to understand.  We have two plans.

  • 12 equal payments. INTEREST FREE !
  • 5 year term (interest rates may vary)


All financing O.A.C.

Can I assemble one of your Bunkies myself?

We currently only offer a completed Bunkie build by our professional builders.  From start to finish your custom Bunkie will be designed and constructed using only our local carpenters.  We want to be sure each unit is completed to the Precision Custom guidelines.

What do you recommend for a foundation?

Each site can is different.  Some will require only crushed stone with some leveling while others may require a concrete foundation or concrete sono tubes/footings.  Once purchasing your Bunkie, our team will carefully instruct the site preparation before your Bunkie is delivered.

Does your Bunkie come insulated?

As an option, we can certainly (and also recommend) insulating your Bunkie.  Insulation will allow you to use the Bunkie earlier in the spring and further into the fall seasons.  

Do you take care of electrical and plumbing?

Depending on which style your purchase, you may want to consider electrical and plumbing.  Each unit will have the option for electrical (plumbing) needs and accessories. Since we offer custom builds, we can also offer custom electrical/plumbing needs.  

Where can I find the pricing?

We would love to hear from you and your Bunkie need!  Please contact us through our website, email, phone, or simply stop in if you are in the area.  We would love to show you around. Call 613 341-3044


Solar Panel Options

Exterior Bunkie - Voyageur

0% Interest & 12 Equal payments OR 60 months OAC

At our shop, in the field or even in the privacy and convenience of your home, Financeit lets us offer you monthly payment plans from any computer or mobile device. From 12 equal monthly payments at 0% interest or longer term options, ask our team about all the unique payment options we can offer for your projects.

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