Our Process

We are excited to take this opportunity to help prepare for the delivery of your new custom Bunkie from Precision Custom Cabins.

We want to help you prepare your site for the delivery and be sure the process is as exciting as when you decided to purchase.

Each Bunkie is delivered fully assembled. What does this mean? It means when we drop it off, you and your family can be sleeping in it that night. It means, you can put away your tools and enjoy the lake. It means, you can that your guests can be rest assured they won’t be looking for a spot to stay anymore when visiting the cottage!

  • We will always give you ample time to prepare your site before the delivery
  • Your Bunkie will be delivered using a pick-up truck and custom trailer
  • Your entrance (driveway) should be clear and ready for us to safely unload
  • We understand access in remote “Prime Bunkie” spots can sometimes be tricky, and that’s ok. Please make sure we have all the required photos and delivery conversations prior to us arriving
  • A stone entrance or driveway is recommended up to the Bunkie location. Flat rock and solid ground are great too, but mud and spot areas need to be avoided.

Width & Height Clearance: 15 x 15

  • Approximately 2-3’ additional width on each side of the trailer. Roughly totaling 15’
  • Each unit is just under 13’6” in height when traveling on the trailer. Therefore, a 15’ height clearance should be allowed

Once We arrive:

  • We view the drop area prior to getting set up
  • We will discuss the drop process with you
  • We will complete any required paper work and Pre-Delivery Inspections
  • We will determine the final direction and landing instructions
  • We will complete our landing process, happily hand over the keys and be on our way

Depending on the size of the Bunkie, we will instruct you on what type and size of pad you will require.

Types of Pads​

  • Stone Base: This will consist of a gravel area (preferably made from ¾” crushed stone. The base needs to be leveled and lightly tamped. The stone needs to be roughly 4” thick for proper compaction. If your existing soil is soft, you may require a sub base made of 2” stone, then a thinner layer of ¾” stone. (We will provide recommendations along the way to help you in this preparation).
  • Concrete Pad: Not always necessary, however if you would like your Bunkie on a secured base a concrete pad is always a premium option. Having this prepared by a local company prior to the delivery date is a requirement. The concrete company will help you with the specs. Generally, a stone base is required, then approximately 4” of concrete will be poured. The pad should be completed with cuts to prevent cracking.


  • Footings (Piers): Some locations are simply uneven. In these cases, you may want to think about footings. This creates more challenges with delivery as placing a large building on stilts can be more difficult. Height is our main concern. If you require this type of base, our team will help you along the way so delivery day goes off as planned.

Clearing the Way
As you can imagine, bringing in a large building on a custom trailer can be interesting if we do not have the proper space. Making sure the area is free of any shrubs, trees (limbs), vehicles, recreational toys, or any other obstruction is a must. Please be sure to be ready to go when we arrive. We will need to travel to the site location and of course tilt and unload. Having 100-150’ is preferred.

These Areas Include:​

  • Parry Sound

  • Muskoka (Huntsville, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Port Carling, Baysville, Rosseau, Bala, Dorset)

  • Wasaga Beach

  • Georgian Bay Area (Honey Harbour, Cold Water, Port Severn, Waubaushene, Midland

  • Barrie

  • Orillia

  • Haliburton Area

  • GTA

  • Port Hope/Cobourg

  • Kawartha Lakes (Peterborough, Rice Lake, Stoney Lake, Lakefield, Buckhorn, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay)

  • Belleville

  • Bancroft

  • Kingston

  • Brockville

  • Kemptville

  • Ottawa

  • Pembroke

  • North Day

  • Cornwall

  • Quebec (some areas not available)

We understand your oasis may be located on an island.  Each island poses different restrictions for our deliveries.  Please contact our team to further discuss for all island deliveries.

(If your location is not shown, please reach out to us and we can try to accommodate if possible – 613 341-3044)

As of now, we only offer full assembly by our trained team.  This means you do not have to worry about a thing. Assembly kits can be something you are interested in; however, we understand what each Bunkie takes and want to be sure we can provide it to you as efficient and convenient as possible.  In the future we may offer these kits. Check back for updates.


Our most recommended process is completed by a pre-fabricated Bunkie being built in our indoor facility.  There are many reasons why we like to do so. It creates quality control, efficient building practices, material availability, weatherproof climates, and of course the elimination of any site unknowns.  

However, we will assemble on site under the right circumstances.  Each client needs will be different. Our team will discuss those options during the preparation stages.  On site builds would only be considered with site locations that does not have access with our truck and trailer or oversized units.

Whenever building any structures on your property you must abide by your local building by-laws.  Bunkies are no exception. Each municipality/city/township will have guidelines set out for all building structures.  Please check with your local building departments before any site preparations are completed.

Some Quick Facts

  • 9×12 units (these units are 108 sq.ft. or 10 square meters).  These units fall under the required size that you will require a permit for.  Anything over 108 sq.ft. will require a permit. Please for your local regulations

  • 9×16 units (these units are 144 sq.ft. which definitely require a permit).  Some of these larger units also include plumbing and electrical. All of these options need to be addressed with your local building departments prior to delivery.

  • Site considerations: along with the building permits, many local building departments also require a defined setback limit.  This means that your Bunkie would need to be a certain distance from the property line, your neighbours, and of course the water.  Please check with you local building departments to know your setback distances prior to delivery and site preparation.

The location and by-law requirements are the responsibility of our clients.  Please be sure to follow the set guidelines for all building conditions.

Purchases is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
  1. Through our website www.canadianbunkies.ca Please reach out to us and click the links provided.
  2. Contact us by phone. We want to hear from you. We are open during regular business hours from Monday – Friday. Please contact us at 613-341-3044
  3. Stop in. We would love to sit down with you and show you our products at our BROCKVILLE, ON location. Please stop in to see what we offer.
On all our bunkies we require a 30% deposit upon signing. This deposit puts your Bunkie into production. It also allows us to plan with you a delivery date and schedule that best fits your needs. Once purchasing, we can offer several different payment methods to accommodate your needs. Our payment options are simple and easy.
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card (VISA/MASTERCARD)
  • Financing (12 Equal Payments – INTEREST FREE or 5 YEAR – Interest rates apply)


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0% Interest & 12 Equal payments OR 60 months OAC

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