Peace Love and the Bunkie Life….

Peace Love and the Bunkie Life….Now that the summer is winding down and we are heading into Fall, its time to reflect on this stunning project we worked on these last few months.  Featured in this post is our 9×16 Mountaineer Bunkie that we put together for a customer that has a cottage out on […]

Take a tour of the Expedition Bunkie!

Take a tour of the Expedition Bunkie from our Canadian Coastal Collection. Have you ever wondered how our bunkies are finished inside? We take great care in choosing the finishing products when we complete the interior. When you begin the process of designing your very own Bunkie, the possibilities are endless. We will build them […]

Let us introduce you to true relaxation!

Let us introduce you to true relaxation! This magnificent bunkie has settled into its new surroundings, situated next to an exquisite Northern Ontario lake. In one of the largest towns in the Muskoka Region, Huntsville Ontario is nestled between Toronto and North Bay. Each Spring, Mississauga, Ontario is host to the Cottage Life Show. It […]

Welcome to Precision Custom Cabins!

Welcome to Precision Custom Cabins!  More than just an outdoor shed, these beauties are an extension of your home offering your family and friends both comfort and tranquility.  Now you don’t have to wonder where your guests will stay when they come to visit! Carefully designed according to your needs, their footprint is small, but […]