Welcome to Precision Custom Cabins!

Welcome to Precision Custom Cabins!  More than just an outdoor shed, these beauties are an extension of your home offering your family and friends both comfort and tranquility.  Now you don’t have to wonder where your guests will stay when they come to visit! Carefully designed according to your needs, their footprint is small, but they offer BIG style and comfort!  Locally built on our premises, these cabins offer a variety of standard features that will whisk you away to another world! If the vision of your cabin requires more features, we have you covered with our Canadian Coastal Collection.  With any one of these cabins we will work with you to customize them to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Our Canadian Costal Collection features four unique designs for you to choose from.  Frontier is our first cabin; it features a queen bed. Our Expedition cabin features a queen bed as well as a double loft bed.  Our third bunkie, Voyageur, includes a queen bed, double loft bed and bathroom. And finally, our fourth style option is our Mountaineer, this is one that may give you a hard time getting your guests to leave!  Featuring a queen bed, double loft bed, bathroom and kitchenette. All our cabins showcase extensive standard amenities as well as additional upgrades.  

Whether you are looking for an extension of your home, a place for you to escape the day to day and enjoy your property in a whole new way, or you are making room for family and friends to have their own space while they visit, you will not be disappointed when you make this purchase!

You will feel like you are staying at an exclusive resort, when in reality you are at the lake or in your own backyard. What are you waiting for?  Join our other clients that have made the decision to own one of our beautiful bunkies!   

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will be featuring a customized Mountaineer bunkie situated by a relaxing lake!

About Canadian Bunkies

Come Bunk with us. Custom, luxury living for your cottage guests. All Bunkies are customizable to suit your needs.

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